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Caring for Carers

At some point in our lives every one of us will be involved in looking after an older relative, a sick friend or a mentally ill or physically disabled family member. The stress and necessity of being a Carer  who is available 24/7 is an incredible weight to bear, yet across Australia over 2.6 million selfless people carry out this role each year. Largely  unrecognized,  these amazing individuals dedicate their lives to caring for their loved ones, often putting aside their own dreams and well-being to do so.

It’s this selfless act of not allowing themselves time away that can lead to devastating effects on the health and happiness of a Carer and their family.  Caring can take its toll on finances, health, career, family and social life.  Carers can fall out of paid work and many rely on low-level benefits, forcing them into poverty.

Carers are contributing so much to their communities by looking after the people they love, yet in return they face ignorance, isolation and little or no support.  It cannot be fair that those who contribute so much are valued so little.

Why support us?

Terry and family 800We are seeking your financial  support so that we can cater to the immediate needs of daily living that can make a significant difference to a Carer’s life and well-being.  The needs that Carers tell us they have are simple but they make a huge difference.  Some examples are:  groceries, a short holiday for the carer, medical aids, respite,  some quality personal indulgence time, computer equipment for young carers who often  miss out on schooling because of their caring role or anything else that may assist them in providing relief to make their lives better.

Whether it is a corporate sponsorship, a bequest, a “one-off” donation or a monthly commitment, choose to make a real difference and sponsor a  request now! Contact us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

The contribution by unpaid Carers to our society often goes unnoticed.  We want to say..... "Thanks for Caring"!