A motcandlesher’s surprise


Liam aged 17 is a young carer registered with Raw Energy.  

He helps his mother care for his sister who is being taught to walk, eat and talk again after being involved in a serious car accident ten years ago which resulted in an acquired brain injury.  Liam is very proud of his mother who he feels is one of the most selfless people he knows and he admires her strength and ability to keep going and rarely has anytime for herself.   

Liam wanted to do something special for her and we arranged for a spa package for her.  Apparently his mother was astounded and delighted with her surprise organised by Liam.  Liam wrote:  “Mum said ‘Thank you so much’ and she is really appreciative of what you guys have done for her”.   The Thanks for Caring team were delighted to assist as she no doubt deserved her surprise.  What a thoughtful son!  Liam was also happy to share his story to help raise awareness of the plight of unpaid carers.