An expression of thanks

Cyran, a young  mother of Orlando and California, has a degenerative disc disease which leaves her mostly bedridden and in considerable physical pain.  She also suffers with bi-polar and borderline personality and needs physical and emotional support daily. Cyran has been cared for by her boys, the eldest Orlando is 18 years and the youngest, Cal is aged 16 years and both are registered with the Young Adult Program and Raw Energy – Carer Support respectively.  They have been in this caring role for about 10 years.

The boys share the responsibility of caring, although Cal, the youngest is the main carer, by helping with all medication, providing some personal care with showering and lifting.  They also have the responsibility for meal preparations, all household chores and management, except for paying bills.  Cyran does not have any domestic assistance.

Cyran wanted to convey her appreciation to her boys as life has been challenging and it has been difficult for Cyran to provide the boys with the basic things and for many years the boys have gone without.  She thought that a notebook would be an appropriate way to show her appreciation for both boys as Cal is still attending school and it would be beneficial for him in his studies. 

Cyran thanked Thanks for Caring for providing the opportunity of her being able to say “Thanks for caring” to her boys for the sacrifices they have made.  She was very appreciative and grateful to know that there were other people who actually cared.

A story of the family also appeared in The Advertiser in August 2014 as part of our fundraising campaign "Uggies for Carers Day".  They were only too happy to assist us and promote the Foundation.  As a result of this story, a generous offer was made by a well known orthodontist to assist Orlando.  The family were absolutely overwhelmed by the offer and Orlando is currently half way through his treatment.  A good news story and a great result! 

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