Sally and Samantha


A holiday for the whole family 

Young Carers, Sally and Samantha,  aged 10 and 11 were nominated by their care co-ordinator from Carer Support as a result of a letter received from the young girls.  In that letter they expressed a desire to have a family holiday and their choice was the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park.

These two young girls, together with their grandparents,  care for their mother who has Lupas  an auto immune disease and their father who has had a recent heart attack and has been diagnosed with early onset of Dementia.  Their younger sister Rebecca has Autism and suffers from Chronic Epilepsy. 

The family have had a very stressful time and receive some support from the Young Carers Programme of Carer Support.  The family, when they are able, become involved in fundraising for Carer Support in appreciation of the valued assistance they receive. 

On receiving this application, it was obvious that this was a genuine and a most deserving request and the Review sub-committee from “Thanks for Caring” approved a week’s holiday at the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park. 

Terry Smith of Believe Foundation met with the family at the Caravan Park.  The family, including the grandparents, were absolutely delighted to be there and the children were enjoying the benefits of the heated pool and playground equipment, despite the wintery weather.  The parents advised that the timing could not have been better for this particular holiday and were very much appreciative of the opportunity given to them by the Believe Foundation’s “Thanks for Caring” program.   “Thank you isn't enough for the wonderful break the girls and us was a perfect way to recharge ourselves and the girls had a ball." an excerpt from an email from Anne and Darryl, the parents.

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Bawards ipadselieve Foundation nominated Sally and Samantha in September 2014 for the National Carer Awards.  These two young selfless girls are doing whatever it takes to care for their family and to ensure that their parents and sister Rebecca have as close as possible a normal life.  They are also helped by their grandparents when needed.  They are bright, happy, down to earth and confident young girls.  As a consequence of their caring role since the age of 6 and 7 years, they have learnt to become quite independent and are very mature for their age. 

On 21st October 2014 Sally and Samantha were announced as the SA winners in the Young Carer aged 25 years and under. Needless to say they and their family were very excited and pleasantly surprised. They and their family were flown to the Gold Coast for the announcement of the National Carer Awards. Although they did not take away the award on this occasion, the girls received an ipad for which they were absolutely delighted! They managed to fit in an extra day of sightseeing and their special treat of swimming with the dolphins. This whole experience was one they will never forget and one that the whole family deserved.

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