CaseyCasey loves her tutoring

Casey aged 12 years is registered with SA Country Carers as a young carer. She cares for her brother Cooper, aged 8 years who has Aspergers and her brother Caleb aged 14 years who has specific learning difficulties and suffers from an anxiety disorder. She also helps care for younger sister Chelsey, aged 5.  

Casey supports her siblings on school mornings with breakfast, lunch preparation, and getting dressed. She also has the responsibility of looking after the children for a short time after school until her mother arrives home from full time work. 

 For a 12 year old, this can be a little overwhelming at times. Casey struggles to concentrate on her homework as there is usually a lot of noise and behaviour issues from the other children.

Thanks for Caring assisted Casey in this situation by financing tutoring and as a result she has loved her tutoring and it has been a huge benefit to her. Her mother was very grateful, “Thank you so much for that opportunity”.