chantel jake picJake loves listening to INXS

Chantel is a lovely, young single mother whose little boy named Jake and aged 7 years has been diagnosed with  *Global Developmental Delay, Cortical Vision Impairment and Microenchephaly,  a rare neurological condition in which an infant's head is significantly smaller.  He has development issues resulting in vision impairment, inability to walk or talk.  Jake yells to communicate and his mother carries him around, a struggle for her at times but which is something that makes Jake happy. 

He is fed and changed as a 6 month old baby.  If Chantel doesn’t attend to him immediately, he reacts by  hitting himself, pulling his hair or biting his thumb. 

Jake had surgery at birth and he has only half a brain with abnormal brain tissue and fluid surrounding.  He has come such a long way from birth as the doctors said he would never be able to have head/body control and that he would never hear, see, talk or walk.  Despite this prediction, after 6 years and constant dedication by Chantel, Jake says “Mumma”!   He is a very happy boy when Chantel sings or holds him or he has his iPad music on – he loves INXS!

 One of the many difficulties that Chantel faces is bathing Jake as she only has a shower chair that barely fits in the bathroom of the small Housing Trust home that she is in.  She is hoping that a transfer to a Housing Trust home will be made available that can accommodate the requirements of a physically disabled child.

With limited resources and support, Chantel finds it very difficult to manage financially with the constant supply of nappies required, groceries and in particular, baby food and payment of bills.

Chantel is frustrated with the negativity she receives from the medical profession as they seem to offer very little hope of any improvement regarding Jake’s development. She refuses to listen and is determined to continue with all the therapy she is able to provide.  Chantel is a fighter, has a positive attitude and is inspiring in the dedication and determination she has to improve her life and that of Jake’s.  Thanks for Caring are delighted to be able to assist Chantel and Jake to make their lives a little easier.   They were provided with gift cards for groceries and a Dyson heater to make things a little more comfortable during this cold winter!