A short seaside break

Tracy is the main Carer of her 3 children and each of these children has a health issue.  She is supported by her husband. Her request was for a holiday for a few days so that she could have a "short break away from everything to rejuvenate my brain and body". She noticed an article about "Thanks for Caring" in the Carer Support newsletter "Sharing Sheet" and sent in an application.

Her 11 year old son has Autism, another son 9 years old has Asperger's and the youngest son aged 6 has Autism, ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. There are behavioural problems with the children both at home and at school and Tracy felt exhausted and desperately wanted to have a short break to recharge her batteries.

"Thanks for Caring" organised a few nights away at Liberty Towers in Glenelg.  Tracy said "I just wanted to thank you for allowng me to have the chance of a short break. I had a wonderful relaxing time and was fresh and prepared for the chaos when I arrived home.  I hope many more families get the chance of meeting you and I wish you good luck in the future."

Thank you Tracy and thanks for caring!