Rebecca webHoping for Remission

Tamara has a 6 year old daughter Rebecca who suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia  (blood cancer).   Rebecca has had 9 months of heavy doses of Chemo and is scheduled for another 18 months of treatments and is currently undergoing oral chemotherapy.   It is unknown at present as to whether Rebecca will fully recover as there is an 80% survival rate.   As a result of the treatment, she experiences the side effects of vomiting and migraines. 

Rebecca attends Antonio Catholic School part time and Tamara has been well supported by the school and its community.  The teachers and the families of the school community have assisted in various ways both at home and at school and Tamara is most appreciative of that support. 

Tamara in her application to “Thanks for Caring” requested assistance with groceries as Rebecca has specific dietary needs to deal with the complications of her Leukaemia and they are quite expensive.

Terry Smith of Believe Foundation and Thanks for Caring presented a supermarket gift card to the value of $500 to Tamara at the school as it was important for her to include the school and to show her appreciation.  Tamara was very thankful of the contribution of the gift card….“This will really help and I thank you.  I shall spend it very slowly!”