Grocery assistance

Photo of Terry and Robyn and Alan King Robyn and Alan have travelled a difficult road with Alan having been diagnosed with dementia at the young age of 56.  Alan, who is now 63  has Alzheimer’s disease.  Robyn’s role has been that of a full time carer and with both of them being on a pension, everyday life has become increasingly difficult.  With the dollars being tight for the week prior to the next pension payments, it has become necessary to eat sparingly. 

Robyn has some regular respite with Alan attending a day respite service and this allows Robyn to spend some time on her love of crafts and creating wonderful arrangements.

Robyn has registered with Carer Support and she received information about Thanks for Caring from this group and occasionally attends the meetings.  Robyn sent in an application requesting a month’s supply of groceries to assist them.  The Thanks for Caring Committee approved this application.

Terry Smith Chairman of Believe Foundation and Thanks for Caring presented Drake Foodland grocery vouchers to the value of $600 and he felt fortunate to have met both Robyn and Alan and have the opportunity to assist them with their request. 

Robyn said: “I would just like to say a big thank you on behalf of Alan and myself for the loving support and generosity we have been shown by ‘Thanks for Caring’.  A diagnosis of dementia in your 50’s is not only a huge emotional stress, but a massive financial one as well.  Without the wonderful support from people like yourselves, this hideous journey we find ourselves on would be so much more difficult.  Many thanks.”