Abigail, an absolute angel


Michelle and her husband Frank have 4 children,  aged 10, 9, 6 and 18 months.  Michelle is not only a full time mother but also a full time carer for Abigail aged 6, who requires constant care as a result of being diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome.  Angelman syndrome is a rare genetic disorder (1 in 25,000 births) that causes developmental disabilities and neurological problems such as difficulty speaking, balancing and walking and in some cases, seizures. Frequent smiles and outbursts of laughter are common and many have happy, excitable personalities and they tend to live a normal life span.

Abigail attends Trinity Gardens Special School and makes the daily trip by cab from her Adelaide Hills home.  Abigail also receives regular support from Novita through therapy and rehabilitation services. Late last year, the family were granted an access vehicle from Variety SA and this has certainly made their lives easier as they can now fit the whole family into the vehicle.

Frank works as a casual and finances can be difficult at times as much of their resources are stretched to their limits in caring for their family and in particular, special requirements such as formulas for Abigail as she is also lactose intolerant.   

Abigail is a very loving and happy little girl who brings joy to all her family and friends and Michelle proudly states that “she truly is the light of our lives”.

We assisted the family by providing gift vouchers for supplies of groceries and as the timing was so close to Christmas, it was very much appreciated by the family.  It was an absolute delight to meet with Michelle and her youngest daughter, Stephanie and to have the opportunity of hearing her story.