Short break in Port Victoria

Margaret is 70 years of age and has been caring for her husband who is 83 years of age, for many years.  He has an ongoing condition of high blood pressure and heart condition.  Margaret has experienced her own health problems including pneumonia and had felt very run down and exhausted.  She felt in need of some respite.   Margaret felt the desperate need to have a couple of days away to "re-charge her batteries" preferably  in a beachside environment and somewhere that they could take their loving dog as well. That was imperative!

Life had been quite difficult for them and especially during the last year when Margaret’s health deteriorated as well. They all needed a holiday!

The team at "Thanks for Caring" organised accommodation at Port Victoria for a couple of days.  Although it was in October, unfortunately the weather was cold and wet but nonetheless they enjoyed the break and Margaret said “we can look back and say that the sort break helped us so much….thank you for your kindness.”

Pt Victoria

Seaside jetty