tom website24 hour care for Thomas

Kelly and Wayne have a wonderful 3 year old son Thomas who has a range of complicated medical conditions.  He has a diagnosis of *cardiomyopathy and *developmental delay.   Thomas uses a walker as he cannot walk unaided and is making his way to walk independently.  He had a PEG and is mainly now taking foods orally.  His communication skills are increasing and he is using some signs and words to communicate his needs.

Kelly provides 24 hour care when he is at home.   He attends child care 2 days a week while Kelly works as a carer. 

The family have been struggling with paying expenses as they also have many medical expenses in relation to Thomas’s condition. 

We were pleased to provide groceries to help this family and make their lives a little easier in the short term, especially during the festive season.  Kelly wrote: “Thank you so much…for giving us a nice voucher and awesome hamper.  We so much appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.”    Thomas certainly had a great time opening up the hamper!

*Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes inflamed and enlarged meaning it can't pump blood as fast as it should. If the heart muscle becomes too weak, heart failure may develop. Developmental delay is the term used when a young child is slower to reach milestones in a way a child moves, communicates, thinks, learns or behaves with others.