Mother, grandmother, carer

Not only is Julie a full time carer, she is also a full time mother and grandmother to her family. 

Julie is a carer for her 2 adult children, a daughter who has a diagnosis of depression and anxiety and has episodes of seizures. Her daughter also has 3 children, the youngest 2 live with her and Julie, fulltime.  She is unable to drive or take public transport without anyone accompanying her because of the seizures. Julie’s adult  son has an intellectual and mental disability. Julie also transports her son to various programs, including rehabilitation as well as to his regular appointments with the hospital and psychologist. 

The grandchildren rely on Julie to drive them to and from school, therefore the car is a priority.  Julie collects them from school in the afternoon, organises meals for them and the rest of the family before she goes to work afternoon shift, returning home at 11.30pm at night and retiring to bed at about 1.00am.  It’s a long day.

The family is experiencing financial difficulty and with such a full house, Julie’s electricity bill has skyrocketed!  This and the added expense of repairing the defects to her aging car has made life very stressful.  The additional and unexpected cost of the vehicle repairs resulted in Julie’s inability to pay the electricity bill.  The car is a priority because of the appointments she has for her son and her daughter.  It had already been challenging with having had to cancel a few regular appointments whilst the car was being repaired.

 We assisted Julie in paying the majority of the electricity bill….”Your kindness and generosity made such a wonderful difference to my life and for that I thank you….”    It was a pleasure to meet with Julie and to hear more of her journey as a carer.  During the Christmas period, Julie's family was one of the many who received hampers that were organised through the generous donations of the staff of Strata Data in order to make things a little easier around the festive season.  We wish Julie and her family all the best for the future.    

 Terry and Juliehamper