A dedicated dad

Jaimie, father and husband is the main carer for his family.  His children - Orlando aged 6 years, experiences Autism and needs assistance with all activities of daily living; Gabriel aged 4 years also has a diagnosis of Autism;  Logan aged 8 years experiences Autism and Isabel, the eldest aged 10 years is mostly independent and has a diagnosis of Aspergers.  Isabel helps her father at home with simple chores and UCWB are looking into registering her with the Young Carer’s program in order that she may meet other children and give her the opportunity to socialise.  Jaimie’s wife,  developed depression and anxiety and lives with Asperger's Syndrome.

Jaimie had been trying to save for a computer as he felt that it would assist him with improving his skills and knowledge, provide the opportunity to research courses he may undertake as well as assisting his children in their schooling (as the school uses Mac equipment and will benefit the children when they do not attend school), their interests and particularly for Isabel, enabling her to pursue her interests in graphics.  He managed to save a substantial amount but not enough to purchase the 27” iMac he had been researching for many months. 

Jaimie is the one of the nicest people and is very dedicated to his family, especially his children and does everything for them.  His role as a carer can be quite intense at times but he and his wife have a strong connection to the Church and that helps him to get through.  He is very pro-active in procuring as much information as he can regarding the children’s disabilities etc. 

Thanks for Caring assisted Jaimie in purchasing the iMac as we felt it was very important to both him and his children.  It was a pleasure to help Jaimie as he very much deserves the assistance given and no doubt there will many years of enjoyment in using the iMac.  When meeting with Jaimie he commented “This is so exciting, again thank you Believe Foundation….. this really is a big deal to me and my family ‘Thank You So Much’!”