A happy recipient

Gould webGeoff  is experiencing a difficult time at present being unemployed and not having a car but he has a strong desire to study bookkeeping to earn an  income.  His son, aged 16 years whom he cares for on a 24/7 basis has an intellectual disability, together with an Attention Deficit Disorder. His son is mostly unwell and his caring role can be quite demanding at times.  His son, Dylan, loves playing games on the X-box. 

Geoff received information about “Thanks for Caring” from the Sharing Sheet newsletter produced by Carer Support.  As a result he sent in an application requesting assistance in purchasing a digital televisGould Dylan 2ion for his son.  The Thanks for Caring Committee approved this application. 

Terry Smith, Chairman of Believe Foundation and Thanks for Caring presented the brand new television to Geoff and Dylan.  It was an absolute delight to see Dylan take possession of the television, he was obviously very excited!   Geoff was very grateful for the assistance given to him and to see his son so happy.