Rodney and Myriah

 Brock 300An air conditioner for Brock

Rodney and his wife Myriah have two children, Brock 3 years and Morris 2 years.  Brock has a diagnosis of Evolving spastic quadriplegia.  He was born at 25 weeks with bilateral high grade intraventricular haemorrhages, necrotising enterocolotis, meningitis, post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus and chronic lung disease.  In January 2013 Brock was diagnosed as having Juvenile Epilepsy.   The traumatic events of Brock’s birth, diagnosis and ongoing treatment at hospitals has been extremely difficult for his parents.  In the early days of Brock’s life they were advised that their son would most likely not live and were given a very grim prognosis if he did survive.   

Rodney has become a very strong advocate and protector of his son and family.  He spends large amounts of time researching his son’s condition and communicating with medical professionals.  Rodney gave up high paying employment to care for his son and as a result does the best he can to provide for his family. 

Over the summer months when our temperatures escalated to 40 and above Brock was  constantly admitted to hospital with seizures.  Rodney firmly believed that the heat had affected Brock’s seizures and was very distressed at not being able to afford an air conditioner for his son. He tried many options.  

The “Thanks for Caring” team had no hesitation in granting the application forwarded by Novita on Rodney's behalf. As a result,  Rodney purchased a portable air conditioner in order that he was able to move the unit around the home and greatly improve Brock’s comfort and that of his family.  This gift certainly made their lives a little easier.  

It was a delight and a privilege to meet Rodney, his mother and the two boys.  Rodney and Myriah have dedicated so much energy and time into improving Brock’s condition with constant therapy and are now seeing the signs of their hard work together.  Brock’s motor skills and communication have improved and they can now see hope for the future.  They truly are an inspiration for their dedication and commitment. 

Rodney's next goal is to save for a spa in order that Brock may receive regular hydrotherapy treatment to improve the muscles in his body, particularly his legs.