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About Us

Believe Foundation

The idea for Believe Foundation was born many years ago by co-founders Terry and Di Smith, as a result of experiencing firsthand the problems encountered by parents/carers with a family member suffering from a mental illness.  When taking part in a Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia course many years ago, they were confronted with carers undergoing the extreme pressures of stress brought about by the necessity of being available 24/7 to their care recipient.

As a result of building up their successful business - Strata Data (part of the Terandi Group) Terry and Di in their desire to make a difference for carers,  established Believe Foundation in 2009.  We congratulate them as this year will be their 40th anniversary since the commencement of Strata Data and this success has enabled them to pursue their dream.

The long term aim of “Believe” is to raise sufficient funds to provide quality supported accommodation for those affected by a mental illness in order to give carers a well-deserved break from their daily duties.  This is a huge undertaking for well into the future.  A new initiative was developed in 2013 to enable carers of a family member who are dealing with a mental or physical disability to seek a "one-off" assistance in order to make their lives a little easier.

“Thanks for Caring” is now our major initiative and will be well into the future. 

At present, the Foundation consists of a 4 member Board, one staff fully supported by the Terandi Group and a small sub-committee of volunteers who assist with fundraising. 

Governed by a Board of passionate individuals, Believe Foundation Incorporated functions as a secular not for profit organisation supported solely by the generosity of the Terandi Group and its volunteers.  All funds raised go directly to Believe Foundation with no funds distributed to the founders, staff or supporters of the organisation.

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"Thanks for Caring” was established in 2013 as a result of an idea suggested by Board members of how we can help carers. It was felt that "Thanks for Caring"  would cater for a niche area that is not completely met by other groups and/or government bodies.

“Thanks for Caring” wishes to acknowledge the aid these selfless individuals provide day in, day out by making their lives a little easier and improving their quality of life, if only for a short time.  It’s important that carers look after their own wellbeing both physically and emotionally.   We invite applications from unpaid carers who are desperately seeking support and who find themselves in dire circumstances as a result of their caring role.  To date, we have provided payment for groceries, respite, medical aids and therapies.  For young carers we have provided tutoring and computer equipment to assist them with their education.  Greater financial resources will allow us to cater to a far greater number of carers in need, especially young carers.

We have contacted many carer support groups regarding this idea and their assistance and advice has been greatly appreciated. Their enthusiasm for our “Thanks for Caring” initiative has been most heartening. 

About Carers

Unpaid Carers are a critical part of Australia’s health system and are the foundation of our aged, disability, mental health and palliative community.  Around 2.6 million Australians aged 6 years and over care for someone at home because of a disability or old age. In South Australia there are 14,800 young carers under 18, 10,200 under 15 and over 600 under the age of 9. 

At some point in our lives nearly every one of us will be involved in looking after an older relative, a friend or a disabled family member.  Caring can take its toll on all aspects of our lives and Carers often need emotional and financial support.